Armbar Soap- The Hawaiian Potion – StockBJJ
Armbarm Soap- The Hawaiian Potion - StockBJJ

Armbar Soap- The Hawaiian Potion

Arm Bar Soap
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A powerful blend of Maui-based lavender oil and Australian tea tree oil is the basis for fighting the bacteria of this powerful, creamy bath gel and the aroma the combination produces is stimulating. Noni juice of kaua'i origin was added to the formula due to its richness in fatty acids, anthraquinones (antibacterials) and scopoletine, a strong antifungal. We have also infused this batch with Kuku'i walnut oil, an ancient Hawaiian remedy for dry skin and wound healing. Finally, each bottle is completed with a healthy handful of 100% Kona coffee beans that helps eliminate free radicals and exfoliate dead skin acquired during intense training.
Active ingredients: tea tree oil, lavender oil, Kuku'i nut oil, noni juice, bergamot oil.